elles ont baisé le lapin

they have fucked the rabbit

hanno scopato il coniglio

sie haben das Kaninchen gevögelt

Talking Firefox?

Do you want to click a word or sentence and get the pronunciation? If you use the Firefox browser, the solution is at hand: install the Google™ Text-To-Speech.

Once installed, restart Firefox, reopen this page and double-click any word (or triple-click entire paragraphs). A green icon appears. Click the icon and listen. Google TTS is not 100% perfect, but immensely helpful.

This page generates more than 3000 French sentences: three tenses (passé composé [perfect], plus-que-parfait [pluperfect], conditionnel présent [present conditional]) with 8 persons each + 11 action words + 14 individuals. Memorize a sentence, listen to the sound, and click the 'Next' button.


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